ALOTA OPTICAL CLINIC   Founded in 1981, Alota Optical Clinic was first handled by the former dean of Southwestern University College of Optometry  in the year 1960’s namely Dr. Grace Alota together with his late husband Dr. Narciso Alota who was also one the proctors in the College of Optometry. ALOTA OPTICAL CLINIC was first situated in Colon street inside Arcenas building, Cebu City and has served  quite a number of patients over the years. It was then move at 373 Colon Street in the year 1993 and was handled by Dr. Norma Alota. Since then, the quality of service was always preserved and later pass on to her sons Dr. Serge Alota Jr. and Dr. Julius Alota.

ALOTA OPTICAL CLINIC can assure you of good professional service due to its vast experience in the field of optometry and it continuing pursuit in upholding the standards in optometry practice using the latest procedures and equipment to date.